Visiting Points

Caminhos de Pedra Itinerary works 365 days a year, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (occasionally some stores may be on their day off).
The points providing services are presented in the map below. They are private properties belonging to immigrants’ descendents and usually it is the family who serves customers, with local demonstrations and/or tasting sessions.
In some stores a fee per visitor is charged. The amount of fees, contact and other details are described on the pages of each store. In order to access, click on the quick access box below, or on the respective drawings on the map below.
Observation: For group visits it is essential to follow a Local Guide (click here to access Bento Gonçalves guides contact list) and previously to schedule with the stores; you can reach them by clicking on the quick access box, or on the drawings below.

Besides these stores, Caminhos de Pedra has other 43 points of beautiful scenery and architectural heritage observation, duly pointed out on the map, which can be downloaded and printed on A4 size paper directly from this website. Therefore, click on the pages below located on the links:

Observation Points
Contact and Maps

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